Automatic counting machine for PVC/nitrile glove production line
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Automatic counting machine for PVC/nitrile glove production line


Pointing machine manual

Fully automaticGlove counting machineIt cooperates with the back process of the glove production line to realize the functions of grabbing, stacking and counting the half-off gloves. The electrical part is mainly composed of PLC, touch screen, servo motor and photoelectric sensor.


The counting machine has a device for grabbing gloves and counting (two sets of counting machines are a set), each group can grab one glove on the hand mold at a time. The speed of grabbing gloves matches the line speed of the assembly line.

Step 1: After the gloves on the semi-automatic stripper assembly line are half off, when passing through the automatic counting machine, the counting machine starts to grab the gloves through the manipulator clamp, and the sensor starts counting.

Step 2: Every N times of grabbing, the folded and counted gloves on the reclaiming table are automatically transported to the workers by the stop timing belt, and directly loaded into the packaging box, and the action is done in one go.

This action is controlled by the PLC microcomputer. When there is no glove entering the counting machine, the program will automatically deduct the number of unplugged or empty hands. The final number calculated on the display is the actual number of gloves unplugged by the counting machine.

Machine advantages:

This machine adopts two modes of PLC program automatic and manual control. It is easy to operate and small in size. It adopts a manipulator grip to pull out gloves without any damage to the gloves. Normal use and maintenance costs are low. The noise of this machine is less than 40dB, high safety, energy saving and environmental protection.

Due to the realization of fully automatic points and reduced work intensity, it can be packaged online in time. Each production line can reduce 3-4 workers, which greatly improves production efficiency and reduces production costs. It is an ideal choice for glove manufacturers .

Machine dimensions (length * width * height)

Rear frame 450*400*620mm,

Conveying frame 1030*500*620mm,

Conveying frame 1 1330*500*620mm,

Number of motors

2 pcs/set

Total motor power


using electric

220V (can be transformed according to power supply)

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