CPE automatic single layer glove machine
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CPE automatic single layer glove machine


Model: BxCPE-300

The machine is a fully automatic plastic film disposable glove machine production line developed by our company for many years, integrating the advantages of similar products at home and abroad. It has the advantages of stable product quality, automatic control, easy operation and maintenance; it is an ideal equipment for mass production of PE, EVA, CPE film gloves.

The whole machine adopts microcomputer touch screen control: Panasonic inverter, servo motor and driver are the main power of this machine. It has the advantages of low maintenance rate, low noise and long continuous working time, high output and low labor. Frequency conversion discharge makes it easier to adjust and operate This machine can also be equipped with finger sleeves and various special-shaped plastic products according to customer needs.

The main technical parameters:

Model: BXCPE-300

Speed: 40~140 pcs/min

Glove thickness: 0.01~0.05mm

Glove length: 200-400mm

Glove width: 270mm~330mm

Total power: 5KW

Power supply: 220V 50Hz

Dimensions: 3100L*1100w*1650H

Total weight: 800 kg

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